1939 Genco Airport Pinball

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Why I was looking at coin operated machines on eBay only a week after buying my Bally Black Jack Pinball I’ll never know ....but.

The graphics on this machine just epitomised everything that appeals to me and it was soon added to my watch list. A further dip in the bank balance and a 400 mile 7 hour round trip was the consequence.

The 6 pictures that appeared on eBay and caught my eye. Bought by the previous owner as a ‘project’ from a collectors sale, she sat in his cellar for 18 years.

Buying ‘blind’ is always a worrying business. I was relieved when I saw her in the flesh, fairly original on the outside and hopefully if the internals are complete she may come to life again! Apart from one reluctant bolt ( freed with the magic WD40) the legs came off and she was in the car and on the way home.

Back in the workshop I carefully removed the front rail and glass (looks like a replacement and slightly too narrow). The playfield paintwork is largely intact but a bit flaky in parts. It will need to be stabilised and coated before being assaulted further with a ball bearing! The graphics are stunning with quite a bit of hand embellishing in parts. The external paint and case should benefit from a clean up and a few minor repairs, but aiming to keep the lovely patina.

Under the playfield looks very daunting, but mercifully very original and clean. I had ears of major re-wiring but it looks like I may just get away without.

I will work on the cabinet first and try and get my head around the wiring in due course! The bottom ply panel is a bit brittle, but woodworn free.

I love the little plate on the playfield for ‘London Automatics’ in Hanwell, coincidentally about a mile from where I was born in West London.

If you come across this page and can offer any experience, words of consolation or advice, I would live to hear from you

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Genco Airport poster taken from international pinball database

1980 Bally Black Jack

You go out looking for fresh knitting patterns and come home with .......

A 1970’s Bally Black Jack Pinball???? Click on the photo for more pics

Stripping out the playfield. I have now removed nearly all the playfield hardware mainly held on by nuts and bolts and a little de-soldering of wiring behind the bumpers. Paint is VERY flaky in the middle area, but I have managed to minimise damage hopefully. Definately needed doing now before it gets the silver ball on it. I am hoping to do an accurate scan of the field once the wooden edging is removed.